Two Wednesday nights in a row, and two baptisms in a row. Praise to the Lord. As I said on facebook last night, saints and angels and God our King all rejoice tonight as Nisha Stax was baptized into Christ. She is the wife of Keith Stax and they have been worshiping with us for the past several weeks.

Nisha told me that, as a child she, in her words “believed, was saved and then was baptized.” I said to her:

salvation requires obedience
obedience requires knowledge
knowledge requires Truth

In other words, if you’re not taught the Truth, then what you know will be wrong, your obedience will be wrong and your salvation will be wrong.

I showed her Mark 16:16:

He that believeth and is baptized shall be saved; but he that believeth not shall be damned.

and pointed out that Jesus didn’t say “He that believes is saved and then baptized.” You have to do what Jesus says in the order Jesus said it, for the reason Jesus said it. If you were just baptized in order to join a congregation somewhere, that’s not Biblical. You didn’t do anything more than get dunked it water.

Water doesn’t save us: The blood of Jesus saves us when we obey Him, in His way, for His reasons. Nisha was baptized as a child, but she just got wet.

Now she’s risen to walk anew.